124-107 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers at home

With a 124-107 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers at home, the Golden State Warriors are just one game under .500. They looked like championship favorites returning home after resting several starters in their final East Coast road trip game. Although Kawhi Leonard and Paul George were unavailable, the Clippers entered the match with the most successful Western Conference record.

During the first quarter, things remained close between the two teams. With a hot shooting start in his first playing time since his explosion against the Rockets, Klay Thompson racked up 15 points in the first quarter. Even though the Clippers lacked the same egalitarian scoring approach in the second quarter, they still trailed 32-29.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr added Draymond Green to the second unit on Wednesday, joining Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole, Anthony Lamb, and Donte DiVincenzo. Both ends of the Warriors’ bench have been abysmal this season. To unlock the second unit, Kerr hoped Green’s elite defensive skills and prowess at orchestrating offense would help.